The Different Types of Slot Machine

Slots are perhaps the most popular games in online and brick-and-mortar casinos. They are diverse, straightforward to play, and can potentially lead to huge jackpots and bonuses. This makes them a favourite for both amateurs and seasoned gamers. Before you embark on your slots experience, you must first know the different types of slot machines. Stay here for detailed info about them.

Types of Slots Machines: Classic Slots

These are the simplest kind of slots available. They usually come with three reels, a single payline, and few or no bonus features. These games are inspired by the traditional mechanical slots that were popularly known as one-armed bandits. They had a lever on the side, which was used to spin the reels thus the name.

The classic slots are the most ideal for beginners because they lack any form of sophistication. They have simple symbols that usually include bells, lucky 7s, BARs, and poker royals. Others that were later referred to as fruit machines had fruits like mangoes, cherries, lemons, melons, and more as the main winning symbols.

These games are usually quicker and their volatilities are high. Despite the advancement of slots development, classic slots have not been faced out. They have been improved to suit the needs of modern gamblers. They have fantastic graphics, themes, more paylines, and a few simple bonus features. The new features have been incorporated into them making them more appealing.

Types of Slot Machines: 5-Reel Slots

Five reeled slots, also known as video slots, were the second type of slot machines that entered the industry. Their history dates back to the 1970s when they replaced the one-armed bandits with a machine that could be played using a button. The mechanical reels were also replaced by video screens.

The earlier video slots are the true predecessors of online slots. These are the most popular kinds of slots in any casino. They have five reels and multiple paylines, which range from 15 to even 200. Some of them have other payline systems like the Megaways engine that provide even more ways to win.

The slots also have cutting-edge graphics and amazing soundtracks. They are designed with different themes thus providing something for everyone. These slots also have a variety of types of bonus features and wild symbols that increase the winning potential. They also raise the fun involved in playing them. The main features include;

  • Free Spins;
  • Mini Games;
  • Wheel Games;
  • Pick Me Features;
  • Sticky Wilds;
  • Expanding Wilds;
  • Cascading Reels.

The video slot machines also have a wider betting range. They increase the wagering options by allowing you to choose the coin value, the number of paylines to activate, and the number of coins to bet per line. This has allowed them to appeal to both the high rollers and penny players. Video slots can be created with utmost sophistication and providers tend to find new innovative ways to improve them.

Type of Slot Machines: Six- & Seven-Reel Slots

These slots have also become increasingly popular over the years. They are an improvement of the five-reeled slots though the differences are not very distinct. They come with almost the same kinds of promotions, graphics, and sounds. However, since they have a bigger setup, they allow more room to include animations and better graphical elements.

The biggest impact is on the gameplay. They make them more complex, and in turn, intriguing to play for the experts. They allow the providers to increase the number of paylines or ways to win, hence, raising the possible number of winning combinations. It also gets harder to unlock the bonus offers.

Types of Slots: Progressive

These are slots that can change your life in an instant if you emerge victoriously. The winnings usually range from tens or hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars. The progressive jackpot starts at a standard level and increases until it is finally won. The money that players gamble and lose contributes to the jackpot prize. This explains why they are so big.

However, these slots are also quite expensive to play because you can only win the jackpot when you place the maximum possible bet. The chances of winning are also quite low so you will need to play several times to get lucky. This usually scares away gamers.

Nevertheless, these slots have amazing features and other small wins that you can enjoy as you play. They come with excellent bonuses and could be three-reeled or five-reeled. You should certainly try them out for a chance to hit a massive payout.

Conclusion of the Different Types of Slots

There are various types of slots with diverse features. Whenever you are picking a slot, you should consider the kind that appeals to you. The best casinos have all of them so you can always pick your preferred type.

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