Slotomania Online Casino

Online SlotomaniaSlotomania official site Casino Review site collected the most popular gambling games in the world. It was released as an application for Facebook in early 2010 and quickly hooked millions of its users. Currently, Slotomania has over fourteen million active players, and this number continues to grow every day. What is so special about it? Why so many people all over the world became addicted to something that seems to be a set of simple mini-games?

Is Slotomania legit?

We have tried to figure it out and made this short review.

Main features of Slotomania Online Casino

Obviously, the most important factor of Slotomania, which makes it different from other online casinos, is that you cannot win actual money here. The game is free-to-play — it means that any player can buy in-game currency and bonuses, but it is not obligatory. Not a single payment or deposit required to play.

After your first Slotomania sign-in, you will get a bonus of 20 thousand coins (besides that, there a myriad of other promotions). It is possible to bet them in various slot machines. At the start, the only option unlocked is Vegas Cash. It serves as a tutorial, which helps novice players to understand the basic principles of the game.

Playing the game is quite simple. You are going to spend your coins in order to win even more of them. At the same time, every game adds some experience points that affect your level. Gaining new levels grants players a lot of bonuses. They provide such things as additional status points and better wagering requirements, as well as let you unlock new slot machines to play.

What makes users of Slotomania sign in every day?

The process of leveling up and gaining access to more games is very addictive. All the slots have beautiful graphics and amazing sound effects, which makes them very interesting. Moreover, the social aspect of the game also adds extra interest.

The game has a leaderboard with a list of the best players all over the world and among your friends. It is very fun to compete with people from your friend list and share the best moments from your games. The vast majority of Slotomania reviews address the fact that this app is an amazing way to challenge your mates online.

Another great thing about this app is that it is available on almost all possible platforms. You can check the list of them on the Slotomania official site. The game supports Android, iOS, and Windows. The mobile app is really comfortable to use and it looks just like the desktop version, which provides an impeccable user experience.

Of course, it is possible to use Slotomania website instead of an app. You will be able to sign in and open all slots unlocked on your account. You can also play Slotomania online for free without Facebook, but we would not recommend you to do that. Synchronization with a Facebook account allows you to share gifts with your friends and easily save your game progress throughout all possible platforms.

Play Slots Online

Think for a moment, and hand over the answers to yourself. True, if you are a casino player, have you ever walked into a casino, played the slot machines, and had a hard time after running out of pennies, and had to leave the place ashamed.

This would not happen to you if you had played online classic slots, which currently abound on the Internet and which you can easily access from the comfort of your home through a computer. But the main advantage is that many of the online casinos allow users to play for free, that is, if you are left without any penny or are afraid of losing money, you have the possibility to enjoy healthy gambling just for the simple fun of casino. This allows users to know the various types of machines, practice, learn and start betting on the one they prefer and have the greatest skill.

Well, in these online machines you can also bet to multiply your money. In addition, online games also allow their users to interact with each other, in order to ask for advice, guidance, or become friends. And the same casino companies provide the user with explanations, tips, and jackpots of the prizes of the machines, and thus he can bet on the casino games with safety and guarantee.